Do you struggle with Insomnia? Sleep Apnea?

Sound, natural sleep is no longer just a dream! Connecticut now has a medical practice dedicated to overcoming sleep problems for good! Run by three of the top health professionals in the field, Sleep HealthCare of Connecticut offers advanced techniques – like neurofeedback – that promote healthy, drug-free sleep.

It’s a new kind of practice-a partnership with sleep labs, physician practices and CPAP device providers to offer a new long-term management approach to sleep medicine. Sleep HealthCare recognizes that sleep problems need help over time.


Sleep HealthCare can help you if you:

Advanced Treatments
for Sleep Problems

Discover neurofeedback – a high-tech, drug-free solution for insomnia and other sleep problems! It’s an enjoyable treatment that trains your brain to relax for sleep – while you lie back and listen to pleasant music.
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If you have sleep apnea, here’s the help you’ve been looking for to adjust to CPAP treatment.


Meet the Sleep HealthCare of Connecticut Dream Team!

Fairfield County is lucky to have three of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the emerging field of sleep medicine. They made the sleep dream team graphiccenter at Norwalk Hospital one of the top centers in the east. Now they’re innovating again with their new kind of sleep medicine practice.



Sound, natural sleep is
no longer just a dream!

"I sleep longer and wake refreshed. My day is calmer and even peaceful … I look forward to my day. "
Jerry Rogan

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