Patients Tell How Sleep HealthCare Helped Them Overcome Sleep Problems

"Dr. O’Malley once said to me, ‘Western medicine helps patients in crisis. Eastern philosophy helps get at the underlying problem; both are necessary for long-term health.’ Using this hybrid approach, Dr. O’Malley helped me to move from the despair of insomnia to the relief of a good night’s sleep. I was able to get my vivid nightmares and subsequent exhaustion under control. After just a few sessions with Dr. O’Malley, I was able to sleep through the night. What a concept it was, to wake up and see light! Truly, the care I received from Dr. O’Malley helped me to move from terrible darkness to the light of day.

Neurofeedback is cutting edge technology that goes beyond the basics of sleep medicine; like the treatment he offers, Dr. O’Malley goes beyond the ordinary care that most physicians are willing or able to provide. Dr. O’Malley cared enough about me as a patient – and as a person – to manage my case, coordinating conversations between all of my doctors so that my care was streamlined and succinct. Additionally, he taught me to take responsibility for the factors that I could control in regards to my sleep disturbances and my overall health. With improved sleep hygiene and maintenance neurofeedback appointments, I am now not just surviving my nights – I am living my days".

Jennifer Crystal

"They were so kind and helpful that I traveled from NYC twice a week for treatment. I had been to two other sleep doctors…they prescribed medications which helped me sleep but didn’t solve the problem. Neurofeedback really worked. I felt calmer and I was able to sleep finally without any drugs".

Miranda Train

"I sleep longer and wake refreshed. My day is calmer and even peaceful…I look forward to my day".

Jerry Rogan


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