Finally! Long term help for chronic sleep disorders.

Until now, the medical establishment has treated sleep disorders as acute problems. Once diagnosed, patients are given pills or – in the case of sleep apnea – sent home with a CPAP device that’s frequently hard to get accustomed to and often winds up unused in the closet. More often than not, the pills lose their effectiveness before long or create unpleasant or dangerous side effects. And the sleep problems still remain.

Sleep HealthCare of Connecticut is an entirely new kind of sleep medicine practice. The premise behind the practice is that sleep disorders are actually chronic problems that require longer term treatment and management. Its founders – well-known experts in advanced sleep medicine techniques – are committed to providing effective, drug-free treatments for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

The three — a pulmonologist certified in sleep medicine by two boards, a neuroscientist and insomnia expert also certified in sleep medicine, and a highly experienced technician specializing in adjustment to CPAP treatment – are also committed to educating patients and the community at large about the critical importance of deep, restorative sleep to overall good health.


Sound, natural sleep is
no longer just a dream!

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