A New Sleep Medicine Resource for You & Your Patients

The sleep medicine experts who founded and developed the sleep center at Norwalk Hospital and made it one of the leading centers on the east coast, have now opened Sleep HealthCare of Connecticut – a practice dedicated to:

  • Patient adjustment to and long term compliance with CPAP therapy.
  • Neurofeedback therapy – a proven, drug-free alternative therapy for insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Sleep HealthCare of Connecticut is not a diagnostic facility. It is a new type of practice that serves as a:

  • Partner to existing sleep labs- Referring undiagnosed patients for sleep studies.- Referring diagnosed patients for CPAP studies.- Managing post-therapeutic CPAP compliance.- Offering comprehensive insomnia management.
  • Specialized resource for internal and family medicine practices.
  • Long term maintenance and compliance partner to CPAP equipment providers.

Post-acute management: An emerging trend

It is well known in the medical community that there is little incentive in the current health care system to manage sleep disorders as the serious, chronic conditions that they are. Until recently the emphasis has been on diagnosis and acute treatment – not on long term management.

Because studies have directly linked the most common sleep disorders – sleep apnea and insomnia – to diabetes, obesity, gastroesophageal reflux and heart disease, new treatment modalities are emerging.

Sleep HealthCare of Connecticut is helping to lead the way.

Why Alternative Approaches?

Non-acceptance of traditional treatments severely endangers patient health.

  • A significant number of patients diagnosed with sleep apnea have difficulty adjusting to the CPAP device and become non-compliant. These patients benefit from CPAP therapy management.
  • Many insomnia patients resist traditional treatment with medication for fear of troubling side effects and go without restorative sleep.
  • Research shows that people with insomnia and other sleep disorders have different brain activity than people who sleep well. Neurofeedback is a computer-based technology that re-trains the brain to allow deep, natural sleep. It also has positive implications for overall physical and emotional health.


Sound, natural sleep is
no longer just a dream!

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